Increased Payment Conversion to 75.2% with Best Suited Promo

The list of promo is a huge hassle for users to go through entirely just to find the best suitable promo during payment for their order. This feature enables users to effortlessly apply the most suitable promo without the need for extensive scrolling which improved the overall conversion of our payment page.



Lead Designer


April - Dec 2022 (Iterative Improvements)



User Problems

Our funnel tracker reveals that we only have a 54.1% conversion rate on our payment page. To boost this, we're investigating user drop-offs to pinpoint issues. There are various reason users exit the payment page without continuing the payment. Mostly they want to keep the products first, compare prices, and check promos. One of the interesting findings is that even if users already selects the payment method & applies the promo they did not choose to continue the payment.

Illustration of our Payment Page Funnel Tracker

Since this problem was identified from a funnel analysis study, we further validates the findings with:

Qualitative Research

User interview to find out user's problems and needs based on these user behaviors on the payment page:

  1. Users who land on the payment page but take no action.

  2. Users who have reached the payment page, selected a payment method with / without a promo code, but did not proceed with payment.

  3. Users who have clicked the payment CTA button but have not completed their transaction.

Quantitative Research

Based on the user interview, user exits the page without continuing the payment because mostly users want to lock the product first, compare prices, and check promos. We further validate by conducting survey and getting the statistical information with bigger audience to help us with the design directions.

Overall Research Results

Our users are very price sensitive when it comes to purchasing. Based on our survey, 89% of our customers check all the available promo before making a transaction, making it the biggest driver for decision making in continuing the payment.

Our promo eligibility criteria primarily hinge on minimum order value, approved vendors (e.g. airlines), or payment methods. Upon analyzing the survey, we identified that users are willing switch their payment methods and vendors to use eligible promos offering greater benefits. Survey results further confirm this trend, with users expressing a high interest level (8.53 out of 10) in adapting their payment method/product to available eligible promos.

Our analysis reveals across all user cohorts, it's evident that users prefer finding promos on the homepage, often leaving the payment page in search of them. They perceive the homepage's main promo section as the top source for promos. Furthermore, users frequently express dissatisfactions with the promo informations listed on the payment page.

Based on our user interview, users are generally happy transacting in, there’s no major problem with our information architecture and design in general. However, accessing all promos and ensuring the best prices at checkout remains the key problems to users. The overall insight highlights the need to improve our promo list, a critical aspect of the payment journey. To address this, we'll enhance navigation and refine our promo list to empower users in making informed decisions.

"HMW allow users to apply the best promo for their order to ensure they receive the best prices possible without leaving the payment page."

UX Audit Problems

Let’s look at our existing promo list as the eligibility primarily depends on vendor type (e.g., airlines), payment method, and minimum order amount.

The eligibility of the promo card primarily depends on vendor type (e.g., airlines), payment method, and minimum order amount.

Problem 1 - Empty Promo List Page

The promo list page displays nothing when no eligible promos are available, leaving only the enter promo code field visible. This presents a significant problem, despite extensive promo campaigns showcased in previous funnel stages, users whose orders don't meet current promo criteria will find the promo list empty. Consequently, this is what led users to leave the promo page and check promo eligibility on the homepage instead.

Problem 2 - Promo Eligibility Requirements Lack Visibility

The primary eligibility criterion for promos is the payment method. However, this crucial information is buried within the terms and conditions details, requiring additional steps to access. Users found this problematic as they felt the information provided here was not clear enough to convince them to apply the promo.

Problem 3 - Lack Assurance in Promo Value Benefits

Additionally, there is no information provided regarding the promo's benefit value for eligible promos. Consequently, users must apply each promo individually and return to the payment page to ascertain the price deductions offered by each promo.

First Iteration

In response to these problems, we initiated ideation sessions with stakeholders to produce optimal solutions. We plan to implement A/B testing to mitigate risk before fully implementing the revamped promo list, assessing its usability and impact on targeted user groups. The main objective was to enable users to apply the most suitable promo for their order, maximizing benefits without compromising essential information. This initiative aimed to enhance payment conversion rates swiftly and effectively.

Improvement 1: Page Structure & Promo Card Information Enhancement

We enhanced the structure of our promo list, facilitating seamless navigation by providing two section to show eligible and ineligible promos, so that promo discovery can be done directly on the payment page, minimizing user churn. Additionally, we improved the visibility of the information displayed on the promo card to provide greater value:

  1. Benefit Information: Users can now easily discern the potential savings associated with applying each promo, aiding their decision-making process to select the most advantageous option.

  2. Eligibility Requirements: The primary eligibility criteria, namely eligible payment method for each promo, is prominently displayed, ensuring users have clear information before proceeding.

Improvement 2: Enabling Users to Apply the Best Suited Promos

Since our main intention is eliminating user's need to navigate through the entire promo list to apply the best promo. We conceptualized three different variants, each designed to enable users to apply the best promo with just a single click, reducing complexity and enhancing convenience.

After careful consideration of the variants, we narrowed down our selection based on our objective and requirement of the project. We decided to proceed with the first and second variant for testing. Both of these variants offers users to ability to freely explore the promo list, instilling confidence that the best suited promo offerings is indeed the best option available. In contrast, the third variant, while showcasing the best promo in the payment page, may still leave users with doubts as they haven't got the chance to view the promo list.

We conducted a multi-variant testing for these variants, alongside with the baseline design, to ascertain which design yields the most favorable impact on our metrics.

First A/B Testing Results

During the two-week testing period, there are several business objective metric to achieve in this testing:

  • Apply Promo Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

  • Apply Promo Success CVR (Conversion Rate)

  • Contribution to Paid Order CVR (Conversion Rate)

The testing was concluded after two weeks and shows positive result. The first variant emerge as the winner with the apply promo CTR increased from 16.7% to 17.1% compared to the baseline, making a relative change of 2.76% and indicating positive impact on purchase value.

It was a success for our first improvement, small changes and quick wins. But we didn’t stop there, we tried to identify further rooms of improvement, it was identified that:

Given those identified hygiene problems:

  1. HMW enable users to switch to ineligible promos due to ineligible payment methods constraints if they still prefer to use that promo.

  2. HMW facilitate users in applying promos on the payment page for promos that requires login / sign up.

Second Iteration

Solution 1 - Adding Login Required Tag

To solve the login-required promo issue, we added clear indicators tag that login is required to before applying the promo. Users can log in directly after selecting the promo, seamlessly returning to the payment page with the promo applied.

Solution 2 - Payment Method Switch Capability

To address the second problem, we added the capability for users to switch to the eligible payment method directly for ineligible promos. But we realized if all ineligible promos have this capability it would contradict our best suited promo shortcut banner feature and further clutter the list. So, we refined it to appear only for promos with higher value payment methods than the current eligible one, giving users more control.

This feature presented significant exhaustive challenges in both design and development. We encountered numerous edge cases, such as:

  1. Handling users who haven't activated their Pay-later account but wish to switch to that payment method for a better promo.

  2. Users who haven't registered a credit/debit card in the app. Additionally, identifying eligible credit/debit cards for specific payment methods posed further complexities and many more.

Despite these challenges, we successfully addressed and resolved all of them by:

  1. Understanding tech limitation and capability from the tech team

  2. Keep stress testing the flow to identify further edge cases together with the Product Team

  3. Ideated on feasible solutions but still aligning with the business objective.

Post Launch Analysis

After launching two of those new improvements, we conducted a post-launch analysis:

  1. Login Required Flow: Resulted in 7,300 users successfully transitioning from promo to login within two months, representing an 8.85% conversion rate.

  2. Payment Method Switch: The payment method switch eligibility had a significant impact, with a 5.64% increase in promo application to purchase with 99.8% significancy.

  3. Best Suited Promo Shortcut: The utilization of the best-suited promo banner also saw a notable increase, with promo applications rising by +2.57% at 99.8% significance.

  4. Ultimately, we reduced the conversion time from 5m51s to 3m31s and increasing overall payment conversion rate to 75.2%.

We learned that:

  1. Iterative improvement process is also effective in addressing issues and also efficient without having to directly change everything.

  2. Experimentation can help us quickly validate hypotheses without having the risk to fully rollout the feature

So continuous testing and learning remain pivotal. Now, users can effortlessly apply the best-suited promo for their orders at without any hassle!

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© 2022 Jason Fonseca. All Rights Reserved

© 2022 Jason Fonseca. All Rights Reserved