Acquired 72,500 Users in One Month with a Unified Digital Wallet

Following the merger between Blibli and, we integrated Bliblipay as the unified digital wallet, offering users additional payment and refund options to increase transaction volume and providing instant refunds. Our main objective is to create an intuitive activation flow, allowing users to activate with a single phone number across platforms, and ensure seamless payment and refund methods using Bliblipay. This project involves collaborations with foreign stakeholders and the Blibli design team.



Lead Designer


Jun - Aug 2022



The Problem Framework

Our main problem is the refund process, which currently relies on traditional bank transfers, resulting in lengthy wait times of up to 7 days for users to receive their funds. Additionally, we've observed that users often wish to repurchase a product after requesting a refund. However, the prolonged refund process hinders their ability to make immediate purchases. Below, you'll find our problem-solving framework addressing this project's problems.

Activation Solution

To optimize the user's transaction process, we implemented multiple entry points for user to activate Bliblipay within the app. This approach reduces the need for users to navigate back and forth between pages, resulting in a more seamless experience.

Refund Solution

We know that traditional refund process takes up 7 days, now with Bliblipay's capability, users are able to receive their refunds fund back directly within 24 hours. This allows users to directly purchase again after their refund with Bliblipay.

We initially planned Bliblipay as the primary refund method to boost it's adoption rate. However, there's a possibility of activation failures, prompting users to contact customer service for assistance. As Bliblipay activation is limited to the mobile app, we implemented an alternative refund method to reduce customer inquiries. In this approach, Bliblipay remains the default option, with bank transfer as the secondary choice if activation fails.


Since Bliblipay currently has no top-up capability and users can receive their balance instantly through refund transaction, we enable Bliblipay as a payment method for users to be able to re-purchase using their refund fees without any delay. Split payment mechanism using Blipay was also planned but the feature is still in progress.

Post Launch Analysis

We did a post-launch analysis one-month after the launch and the result has been positive so far. We're excited to continue improving Bliblipay as the unified digital wallet for both platforms with upcoming plans includes introducing features like split-payment using multiple methods alongside Bliblipay, and many more.

Illustration of our Bliblipay Post-Launch Result

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© 2022 Jason Fonseca. All Rights Reserved

© 2022 Jason Fonseca. All Rights Reserved