Revolutionizing Fan Engagement & Gamification in the E-Sports Industry

KBOOM is a gaming gamification platform aimed at fan engagement, where esports team, players or organization can set up their camp, connect their socials, and level up their engagement. Users can earn rewards by completing quests, competing in the leaderboard, predicting esports matches, and many more. 

KBOOMGG partnered with my design agency, Circles Creative, and as the lead designer in the first phase of the project, I worked closely with the co-founders of KBOOM to redefine how users engage with the e-sports team on the platform.




Lead Designer


Jan 2024 - Now



Why Fan Engagement?

Fans are the backbone of every ESports team, effective fan management strategies convert attracted people into loyal fans. These loyal fans, in return, amplify the visibility of the club and strengthen the club's positioning in the market, thus enhancing fans engagement is one of the priorities of an e-sports club.

Today, Discord serves as the primary platform for in-game communication among gamers. KBOOMGG aims to also seamlessly integrate their platform into gamer’s toolkits, offering gamification tasks (quests) linked directly to their gameplay experience, allowing them to earn rewards while gaming.

KBOOMGG connects both esports fans and teams through interactive engagement and gamification. Despite laying a solid foundation and also had the initial design crafted, their platform lacks intuitive UI/UX, hindering seamless interaction, navigation and clarity.

Compilation of Old KBOOM Designs

Compilation of Old KBOOM Designs

Recognizing the paramount importance of user experience mainly for user retention, ensuring users return daily to interact with the platform is imperative. Enhancing fan engagement through intuitive design and interactive features is essential for KBOOMGG’s vision in disrupting the esports industry, fostering lasting connections between users, platforms, and e-sports teams. 

I led the redesign of the end-to-end process of the platform, elevating the user experience, introduce animations on the platforms and ensuring seamless navigation and clarity.

How Does KBOOMGG works?

KBOOMGG partners with eSports teams worldwide, and each partnered team creates a club on the platform. Users then can search and join their preferred teams on the platform to engage with them. Engagement on the platform is gamified, motivating users to complete task by offering rewards. Here’s how the overall key features and interactivity looks like:

Full Feature Map & Actions from each Parties.


Sign Up & Login

After signing up, users can search for and join their preferred teams on the platform before engaging with them. This feature enables users to connect with their favorite teams, thereby allowing teams to expand their fanbases.

Search & Join Teams

Upon onboarding, users will be directed to the general page, which serves as an overview aggregation of multiple features within the app like info banners, match predictions, intra-club leaderboard, and quests list. On the desktop version, both the predictions and intra-club leaderboard can be expanded for users to fully experience and interact with the features.

Desktop General Page

In the platform, there are four main currencies that serve as rewards and progression metrics for users. Those information is located in the top navigation bar that will show in mostly every pages for users to keep being aware.

Platform Currencies

Now let's get into each features of the general page, starting from of the event banners, where users can stay updated on the latest events, tournaments, and challenges happening on KBOOMGG.

Mobile Version of Event Banners in General Page


Boosting is one of the key fan engagement activity where users can support their favorite clubs by boosting them coins. Each season, all teams compete in the intra-club leaderboard, where they climb the ranks which is the chance for each team to showcase their community fanbase strength.

The season winner is determined by the team with the most boosted coins. Club winners and users who boosted up to certain milestones earn immortalized badges achievements on their profile

Desktop Intra-Club Leaderboard & Team Boosting Flow


User can put their gaming expertise to the test by making predictions on upcoming matches and tournaments using their coins. Users have the opportunity to predict the outcomes of eSports matches, choosing the winning team. By placing coins on their predictions, users stand to receive coin rewards based on the odds when their predicted team emerges victorious.

Desktop Place Prediction Flow

When users returns to the platform after being away and some predicted matches are completed, a prediction recap will show the wins and losses. Completed predictions are also accessible in the history page. Users claim can claim their winnings, adding to their sense of accomplishment.

Mobile Prediction Recap & History

Quest & Adventures

Quests are task users can engage to accomplish and earn rewards in return. Each team can create unique quests for their clubs. These quest types vary such as:

  1. In-Game Tasks: Users connect to the available game and complete specific tasks during their gaming session.

  2. Social Tasks: Users engage in various social media interactions such as retweeting, liking, sharing, following, and more from the teams.

  3. and many more like quizzes, polls, and other interactive challenges.

Quest Page

With numerous quests created daily, the quest section became overwhelming and this quickly became the problem. To aid users in efficiently filtering and discovering their preferred quests, we introduced two tabs. The first tab categorizes quests, while the second tab offers filters specific to each category. This enables users to swiftly explore and select quests that align with their preferences no matter how much quests there is.

Each quest requires a certain amount of energy to start, which is deducted from the user's energy pool upon initiation. Upon completing a quest, users receive rewards in the form of coins and XP points. Accumulated XP points contribute to leveling up, unlocking more features and customizable items for users in the future.

Create Quests Flow - Desktop

Quest Card States

Not only receiving rewards through quests, users can engage in exciting adventures with their favorite club, similar to battle passes, where users can progress through adventure pass levels and unlock rewards at each tier. These rewards may include coins, gems, gaming peripherals, merchandise, and more.

Start Adventure - Mobile

Climb The Ranks

Not only teams, users can also compete in a leaderboard every season, and ranks are determined by the total XP users gained each season, so the more quests user completes, the higher their rank will be. Winners from each season will earn gems as rewards.

Previously, KBOOMGG's leaderboard was all over the place, with team and user leaderboards scattered across different pages, leading to unclear navigation. To address this problem, we revamped the information architecture, centralizing all leaderboards under the Rankings menu. Here, users can easily toggle between team and user leaderboards, as well as filter by season.

User Leaderboard Page


You might be wondering, with all the official clubs on this platform, can users create their own teams? The answer is yes. Whether you're with a group of friends or part of a community fan club, users are allowed to create Clans, which are non-official teams on the platform. The only difference is Clubs can supply shop items, but Clans cannot.

Creating a clan is quick and seamless. Users simply input the clan's name, upload a clan profile and banner image, and can configure further customization later in the platform.

Create Clan Flow - Mobile

Users can now manage their clan profiles, making them more enticing for others to join their team. In this version, users can boost teams when they visit the profile and view some team stats. Exciting updates are planned for the future, with lots of thrilling features to be showcased in team profiles.

Club & Clan Profiles

Additionally, assigned members on the clan can create quests, just like clubs, so that members within the group can complete exciting activities.

Create Quests Flow - Desktop

Other than that, assigned members can also manage quests, manage team members, edit clan profile, and get their team verified through a KYB process. Verified teams will have a green verified mark beside their name

Manage Quests

Manage Members

Edit Clan Profile

Team Verification

Exchange Real Rewards

Get ready for the exciting part—rewards! Users are incentivized to complete in-platform tasks, and in return, they can redeem exciting rewards using mainly their gems, such as:

  • Gaming Gear

  • Official Team Merchandises

  • Real Experiences with Official Team Players (e.g., Coaching Sessions, 1v1 Sessions with Real eSports Players, Meet & Greets, etc.)

  • And many more upcoming surprises!

Shop Page


You might be wondering how does official clubs partnered with KBOOM manage their teams, such as creating quests, etc.? For official clubs, there's a dedicated Pro Platform, a SaaS platform designed to streamline team management. Through a KYB process, official clubs onboard to the platform and gain access to the KBOOM Pro platform. Additionally, Clan team owners can also explore upgrading their clans for enhanced access to the platform's features.

KBOOM Pro Subscription Page - Desktop

Marketing Assets

We did not only redesign their entire end-to-end feature for their platform, we also helped defined their visual style directions and designed marketing assets for KBOOMGG.

Branding & Marketing Assets

What's Next?

The initial phase of the project is now complete, and we've launched the beta version in the market for testing. We've received positive feedback, attracted many new users, seen a significant increase in total coins boosted daily, introduced numerous new events, partnered with more official teams and many more.

We'll keep gathering feedbacks and listening to users then iterate on the designs to enhance the existing product and implementing exciting new features outlined in our roadmap. We're thrilled about what's in store for KBOOMGG, and if you're a gamer reading this, I encourage you to give the platform a try!

© 2023 Jason Fonseca. All Rights Reserved

© 2022 Jason Fonseca. All Rights Reserved

© 2022 Jason Fonseca. All Rights Reserved